Who We Are

Performance Analysis is a fully functional consulting firm that works fervishly to help manufacturers and other businesses to become more successful by increasing throughput and productivity while reducing costs and qualty problems. Lean process improvement techniques are at the root of our offerings and can be used to help any process-heavy organization. We provide onsite training and consulting, engineering services, online training, business performane analysis, and many other services that aid businesses in “seeing” their current state so that they can draw up the map to make their way to a desired future state. We’re there to get you there every step of the way!

Keeping the drive alive… That’s why we created this company. We sincerely desire to be in a position to help other businesses to grow and overcome adversity. We, in turn, look to do the same by learning from others.

Management Team

Edward Carrick

Professional Engineer

Mr. Carrick, the founder of Performance Analysis, is a results-driven professional with over 17 years of management, engineering and project management experience with success in driving operational growth and maximizing business productivity through continuous improvement and Lean methodologies. Mr. Carrick is diversely experienced in resolving long-standing problems and developing creative solutions that improve operational efficiency. He leverages expert analysis and insights to propagate the Lean approach and team empowerment that drives organizational improvements and instills best practices. Mr. Carrick is an objective and progressive communicator and cultivator of key relationships with all levels of personnel, clients and executive management.