Performance Analysis Engineering Division routinely handles many different engineering challenges:

Mechanical Engineering,

Industrial Engineering,

Oil and Gas


Electrical Engineering,

and other areas...

We have a highly-sophisticated and customer/client-oriented team of engineers and other technical personnel who strive to provide top-quality service within the time-frame that you need it. Whether you are in need of a complete HVAC system design/HVAC system analysis, controls engineering, mechanical engineering support, civil engineering, electrical engineering, equipment failure analysis, or numerous other types of technical support, our team of engineers and technical personnel want to help.

All Engineering work is Louisiana P.E. Stamped and peer reviewed.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering, Industrial Design, Product Designer
  • Product Deign and Development
  • Product and Equipment Testing
  • HVAC system design, HVAC engineering and testing
  • Control System Development
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Other Engineering and Technical Fields